Area Councils

The Boys & Girls Club Movement has been strengthened as a result of the work of Area Councils. This work has resulted in the creation and implementation of numerous strategic plans, and increased funding, that has had a positive impact on countless numbers of young people who were given the foundation they needed to succeed.

Who We Are

Listen. Lead. Educate. Area Councils provide a medium through which board volunteers can maintain an interest and active involvement in the affairs of Boys & Girls Clubs of America in order to attain the greatest potential in service to youth. They do this by:

  • Periodically bringing board members and executive professionals within an area together to exchange information and to discuss plans, programs, trends, common challenges, and best practices.
  • Working and planning together for the benefit of local Boys & Girls Clubs, the national Movement, and youth.
  • Getting acquainted with board volunteers and professional staff from other Boys & Girls Clubs — good fellowship

Area Councils are frequently the channel through which ideas, suggestions, and proposals flow to the National Council of Boys & Girls Clubs of America.

The National Council provides constitutional governance and establishes the requirements for membership and operating standards in Boys & Girls Clubs of America.





LISTEN. Boys & Girls Club organizations must have a voice in the future direction of the Movement. Continuing to create opportunities for dialog at open forums on key strategic questions give Area Councils an opportunity to provide feedback on what changes need to be made.



LEAD. For Area Councils to be successful, they must be driven and led by committed and motivated board volunteers.



EDUCATE. Board education remains at the heart of the work for Area Councils.